Development and construction projects are always challenging, which is why the relationship between parties on a project is so crucial. Conficare does not merely seek vendors, suppliers or subcontractors on our projects.

We seek partners. The partnership nature of these relationships is the core of how we do business.  And our partners are as varied as they are experienced and capable, including financial institutions, hospital systems, municipalities, construction professionals and design professionals – including architects, engineers and decorators.

Because we value these partnerships, we are committed to the long-term success of our partners. Once they demonstrate their capabilities, we seek opportunities to work on multiple projects with the same partner. We seek to promote their long-term success, almost as if we were an extension of their organization.

Of course, a successful partnership depends on excellent performance by all parties. Conficare brings to these partnerships a proven record of integrity, a commitment to operate openly and a proven record of quickly resolving issues, answering questions and keeping things moving forward to a successful conclusion.

This partnership approach to projects, and to our business in general, is beneficial to all the companies involved. But far more important is the benefit it brings to residents, and the quality of their care. Nothing matters more than this, and by working closely with our partners over the long term, we ensure that the residents of every Conficare development enjoy the highest standard of care – and the highest quality of life possible.

 That, above all else, is the commitment we and our partners make to them.

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