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One source for design, build and finance of senior living developments.

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Our founder Guy Neil Ramsey recognized something way back in 1964: Senior living facilities needed to achieve higher levels of quality. Better design. More dignified conditions. Better, professional long-term health care for older adults.

They deserved nothing less.

Achieving this vision required a change from the commonplace structures and environments – the approach to design and programming that put far too little emphasis on dignity, quality and comfort for residents.

So Ramsey set out to do something very different. In partnership with a group of physicians who shared his passion and his values, he developed a facility in Indiana that set a new standard. It was an opportunity the newly formed Ramsey Development would build on – excelling in design, construction and finance of senior living facilities.

Why did it work?

It worked because the company was committed to crucial principles including:

SIMPLICITY. Without heavy bureaucracy and self-serving agendas, the company can negotiate partnerships in a candid and realistic manner. Product offerings and programs were clear and simple to manage. Accountability thrived, and so did quality.

FLEXIBILITY. Even though some things are non-negotiable, every project can benefit from its own unique inspiration and ideas. Fresh initiatives and innovations were always welcome, and this approach proved clearly that there is always more than one way to success.

TRANSPARENCY. Strong partnerships are crucial to the Conficare model, and partnerships thrive when there is honest, open and immediate dialogue about every aspect of the business practice, service delivery and outcomes.

As the company developed into a full-service, one-stop source of design, build and finance, these principles grew in importance and drove the company’s vision in every aspect of the business. Eventually Ramsey Development evolved into the more comprehensive Conficare, which retains the vital design/build element that was present from its founding.

In 2014, Conficare has also strengthened its financing core through the establishment of a Real Estate Private Equity Fund to solidify its much sought-after, proprietary financing.

Throughout the growth and evolution of the organization, our vision of better quality, greater dignity and stronger care has continued to drive the organization’s core guiding principles. For our clients and partners, this means not only a first-rate facility and high-quality living conditions, but a smooth, professionally run project with a successful outcome and strong performance for all involved.

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